Modern Tools for a New Era in School Nursing

Friday, May 5th at 10:00am CT

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Is your EHR keeping up with the times?

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased the demand for quality healthcare in schools; it's not just band-aids and ice packs. Schools have introduced many new tools for students' health and they need an EHR that can keep up. Join Katie Darling and Daniel Trice in a discussion about how school nurses are innovating to provide better support while meeting increased need.

Your Hosts

  • Nathan Foreman


    Director of Sales @ August

    As Director of Sales for August, Nathan works with schools in a synergistic way to ensure that the many different components needed to successfully manage health & wellness initiatives are aligned with the goals of the school and the needs of their students. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, who also works in education and their two puppies, Pepper and Penny.

  • Jillian Pompa


    Account Executive @ August

    Jillian has over 7 years of experience working with private K12 schools across the country. As an Account Executive for August, Jillian is focused on partnering with schools who are prioritizing health and wellness and ensuring their staff has the proper resources to enable success. She lives in Rockville, MD with her husband, two cats and one dog.

What will I learn?

Immunization Management

Our AI technology scans images and PDFs, automatically parsing and entering shot dates on a student record, saving countless hours of data entry.

Medication Reconciliation

Prevent mistakes with medication workflows that handle every case, and combine the ease of a notebook with the auditability of an EHR. Create a role for non-nurse faculty to give medications without seeing other PHI.

Embedded Messaging

Communicate with staff, guardians and outside providers directly from student encounter notes and from the student health record via text and email.