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The system in your stack that will require the least maintenance and setup time.


Enjoy our three-click implementation process with core API partners or our simple well-documented SFTP framework.


Protect student data with HIPAA-grade encryption, 2FA and SSO out of the box, enable VPN-only access, and rely on our use of best-in-class security protocols from top to bottom of the stack.

Our Stack

Trust the stack used by banks, NSA, and premier healthcare institutions: MongoDB, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, React.


We seamlessly integrate with your key systems so you never double-enter data


Service & Security

Rapid response and dedicated 
support for clients of all sizes

We cherish our customer relationships and treat each as a partner with regular feedback meetings, multiple support channels and the fastest customer service timelines in the field

Protecting student information 
is our first-order responsibility

Each school or district has a dedicated and partitioned platform instance with HIPAA-grade encryption and 2FA, SSO and VPN available out-of-the-box.

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