Thrive with August: Powerful Form Building Tools

Tuesday, June 18 at 1:00pm ET

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Elevate your data collection workflow

Join us for a webinar where your hosts, Nathan Foreman and Jake Lerner, will take you on a tour of our new form building features. Discover how user-friendly forms can enhance parent engagement and dramatically reduce response times. Additionally, we'll walk through a live demo of the platform, showing how you can create powerful forms and packets that streamline the management of your student data.

Your Hosts

  • Nathan Foreman


    Director of Sales @ August

    As Director of Sales for August, Nathan works with schools in a synergistic way to ensure that the many different components needed to successfully manage health & wellness initiatives are aligned with the goals of the school and the needs of their students. He lives in Houston, TX with his wife, who also works in education and their two puppies, Pepper and Penny.

  • Jake Lerner


    Customer Success @ August

    As a Customer Success Manager for August, Jake works to support schools in getting as much value out of the platform as possible. Jake has over 8 years of experience working in and with schools in various roles including being a teacher and working in the nonprofit space. He lives in Atlanta, GA.

What will I learn?

Form building

Discover how our intuitive form builder can simplify the creation and management of digital forms.

Form packets

Learn to efficiently group related forms into packets, making organizational tasks a breeze and improving response times.

Adding logic

Understand the power of conditional logic to ensure that your forms collect exactly what's needed, without unnecessary clutter.


See how easily forms can be personalized with student names, enhancing the relevance and engagement of each question.